Bentley, Western Australia
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Funny how you only hear about how bad a product is only after you get bitten!!

Like many customers I have lost some money sent overseas from Australia through Western Union. It is a very familiar story, they said they have paid the money to the right person and that he has shown some ID.

Of course, they cant check if it is a valid ID. Since, no one else knew of the transaction, there is a strong indication that it is an internal job. Of course the company conducted its internal "investigation" that failed to investigate that the driver's license produced was fake. It took a friend just one hour to find that out in the overseas country!!.

The story has a happy ending. I took the matter to the court and of course on the 11th hour they were willing to settle the claim. It costed me a little money and many many hours to document the case. But it was sweet victory indeed.

I wonder how many people bother with pursuing their grievance in the courts.

No wonder, many online services do not accept payment through Western Union.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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That is such a horrible experience. Western Union sounded dodgy for me from the beginning and I've never used their service because of all the complaints from them that I see both online and offline.

I'm trying to get everyone who has suffered from their service to be aware of TranferWise.

I used them for a whole year since I went away to France, and have had zero problems with them in total. If you use my link: you can have £3000 (or equivalent) of your first transfer fee-free too.


I wish i would have know of the buss western union is doing,, i sent money to my daughter 50 miles away an they said it was released in a whole other state.. now their taking their good ole time,,,i will make sure everyone knows what happen to me..