I sent a money in minutes to my husband in TX USA. When my husband tried to pick it up, they could not find the transaction using the MTCN, nor my name or phone number.

I checked status online and got an error message saying they cannot find the transaction. I called WU, typed in the MTCN and got a recorded message saying it has not been picked up yet. I talked to a customer rep who says it was picked up before I ever told my husband the MTCN and the test question and answer.

My money vanished and they say an investigation will take 20 - 90 days. Probably won't get my money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $162.

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Do what you can to recover your money. If you have to take it to consumer affairs do so.

Frankfurt Am Main, Hesse, Germany #728602


But do it that way! Your money is not lost!! So why in all the world do you believe nothing, and you are right with that, but the main important thing that they are telling you, you believe: “Your money is robbed by a fraudster”. More than 70% of the “frauded money” is not robbed but still in the treasury of Western Union or their engaged free employed staff. No bank in the world can lie at its customers in this permament way or vulnerate its clients if it is not covered by your General Attorney, Governor and the FBI: That this American administration justice knows exactly about the criminal organisation of Western Union already had been shown in my earlier Comments.

1. No long talks with Western Union! You only give them reasons for longer discussions. Request for a signed copy of the receivers receipt with complete address where the money had been handed over to your appointed receiver for an immediate start for judicial investigations. Western Union must do that by law and Consumer Rights. They must documentate what they have done with your money by law !!! You will see that Western Union will refuse this worldwide and show you with that, that your money is not robbed but frauded by Western Union as with that they are hiding themselves before judicial investigations. There is no other explanation for that illegal additional behaviour!!

2. All further questions of Western Union concerning the receiver of the money and your person are illegal!! There are several American jurisdiccions against Western Union by Court that define the responsible part of a transfer very clearly: from valid passport sender to valid passport receiver. That means In the moment Western Union hands the money over to a valid passport, the transfer is closed because in the moment the appointed receiver overtakes the money he cannot be a “fraudster” and a “fraudster” first is a fraudster when there is a jurisdiccion from Court about this transfer. This cannot be decided in time of the transfer. And the first decision that the transfer maybe is against laws of Gun-businesses or drugs can only be decided by the responsible authorities (FBI and so on) but never Western Union!!! So, FBI can ask you but never Western Union. This all is a fake to find a reason to fake you for your money!!!! So, there is no bad service in Western Union but this is a criminal system involved the FBI to collect informations and they are covered by your General Attorney and Governor!

3. After the refusal from Western Union to send you the copy of documentating the receivers receipt place immediately a criminal charge against Western Union and not their “offered fraudster”.

I would say: in 85% of all frauds national and 70% worldwide that way your money is not lost but only frauded by Western Union and their free employed staff. The “Nigerian Connections” never existed but had been self employed staff, schooled by Western Union.

Gerhard K (no professional Attorney advices but long experiences with Western Union)

Perth, Western Australia, Australia #697524

WU takes no responsibility for any of its actions. It seems to be above the consumer law of providing a service.

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