I just have to say that I hate it when people have jobs that they don't like. If you work as a costumer service representative your job is to help the customer. "NOT" to get mad when asked for help..

When that is your job!!!! Yea ! you had a bad day, so what everyone does. But you shouldnt take it out on the costumer...

I walked into Checks and Cash on Scenic High Way with a happy face and I asked the lady behind the counter, what paper did I need to fill out for a payment. and she was rude and roll her eyes at me and said the blue one over their.

I tried to ignore it, so I whent on and fill the paper out. After I gave her the form, she raise her voice and said "you forgot to fill this out" and ones again roll her eyeas and threw the paper at me.

I still kept my cool. I asked: Im sorry, but I don't know what information is neede on this line? And she responded with broken words. then I re stated the question and was again she anwer with broken words as if what I was saying was agrivating her.

after the third time she got pissed off asked me to pay threw my change at me, she repeatedly roll her eyes and she got an attitude as if I was bothering the heck out of her. Then she threw my receipt. And to top it she made me have the worst day ever.

No one should have to put up with obnotious persons who dont like their jobs. Its so agravating. I called the complain # and they said they were going to speak to her. The question is will they ???

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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