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Who spends $160.00 to transfer $2999.00 within 15 minutes and gets to look like a fool all day & the next because the money never showed up even though the customer service said it was available 5 different times finally to say it's never going through, cancel and your money will be refunded in 3-5 days (praying)?

This disgruntled disgusted unwealthy and apparently unworthy never to be again, customer!

I wasted my time, my money, my energy to be told I basically gave western union a loan and paid them for it! I will never recommend them to anyone!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $2999.

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Here's my experience much like yours, as you can see from to t email I sent them:

To whom it concerns;

“Money in minutes” is false advertising. Maybe I should file a lawsuit instead, but I’ll try this avenue first.

I have been attempting to send $2000.

to my son in Virginia, from my home in Washington State all day long. First I went online, because the cost to send would be $60.00 not $160.00

I sent the wire transfer and received “completed” message for MTCN # 6029659019, and the money was pulled out of my checking account via debit card with authorization 0552358. I then got a call 45 minutes later that said “I’m sorry, it did not go through” to which I said yes it did, it was taken out of my bank account. I asked why was it stopped on your end?

The answer I got was “security to protect our customers.” I said I AM YOUR CUSTOMER, MY BANK OK’D IT, AND YOU STOPPED IT! I was told it would take 3-5 days for the money to be put back into my account, so I was forced to go to my bank and get $2000 MORE and take it to a western union location. The nearest is 50 miles away, and I cannot leave an invalid mother, as I am her only caregiver. I gave the $2000 to my sister to take to Newport, WA Safeway to send the money to my son in Virginia.

The woman at the counter at Safeway gave my sister the receipt and MTCN # 0340847148. After an extremely long time, I was told I had to call your customer service because you had questions. The Western Union rep at Safeway in Newport, WA had tried to put the transfer through as by a 3rd party because the form on her screen asked for it, so that caused a confusion and the transfer was again CANCELLED BY THE IDIOTS IN YOUR SECURITY department. Many phone calls later between my sister, myself and my son, and me calling 1-877-989-3268, the cash was given back to the Newport location and my sister, and then she put the transfer through as a first person.

THAT WAS ALSO HELD BY SECURITY! After my sister called 1-877-989-3268 she was asked a multitude of questions like “How do you know Jeremy Boggs? When is the last time you’ve seen him? What does he need the money for?

Why didn’t your brother send the money himself? And several others.

The transfer finally was received by my son, but it took from 11:23 AM until 6:25 PM PST. DO YOU HONESTLY THINK THAT IS MONEY IN MINUTES?

I have never had such a hassle, numerous attempts, numerous phone calls, nor have I ever had to wait 7 HOURS instead of “minutes.” The only thing I ask now is that the $2000 taken on my debit better be back in my account within a few days. I also think it is outrageous that I had to pay $161 and wait 7 hours to send money which should have only taken minutes and cost $100 less. I am told by many that MONEY GRAM is much better than your company.

What happened to the Western Union I used to know? Is it now run by someone in Nigeria?

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