Problems twice in a month, here in Jamaica, West Indies. Today with a payment of $400 from overseas, showed ready for pick up online, went to the location, with full name, address, phone number, mtcn, and reason for receiving payment (since it is a requirement now here in Jamaica), agent called Kingtson for "approval", and I was given back my 3 required ID with an attitude saying to contact sender, money was sent back ???

When sender contacted WU, they were told that Jamaica can no longer receive money due to scammers .... !!! how can the person before me in the line got his and I didn't get mine ??? I can tell you Jamaica CANNOT live without Western Union, Grace Kennedy is making way too much money to not allow payments anymore. Crazy ...

Same thing happened when trying to get a payment from a friend before Xmas. Called in the morning to verify that it was available for pick up, said yes, so went to location, long line, just to be told that it couldn't be paid out. Called Kingston, supervisor said she sees it available, to go back straight to the window and ask the lady to pay it out. Well, was told the same thing. Got frustrated, and called Supervisor again who said to go back, and that the payment was there. Well, was taken out of the line, waited 30 minutes for the agent to get a call back from her supervisor, just to be told it had been sent to the sender ... Friend called WU overseas and was told that Jamaica refused the payment, as it looked like a fraud ... When I called Kingston, they said they didn't know what happened and that it was done from overseas ... + W.U. gave me an International number to call 1-800-325-6000 and which happens to be fraud ... just looked online and read over 50 posts saying it is a number used to scam people, so who is robbing who ????????????????? As off today, W.U. is on MY own scamming list and will never have ANYONE use it again to send me any other further payment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

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