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i still cant believe it! 3 days ago my mum sent me from germany 3000$ per western union !

they told her i can pick up the money 1hour later at any western union station, she also paid almost 200$ to transfer the money! then i went to a western union station the gave me a check cause the told me they dont have that much money !!! wtf???? and then i went to my bank and they wont let me cash the check!

so i called western union and they told me to go to another western union and i will have no problems to cash the check! so i did that....and then they told me that the check allready been cashed!! wtf ??? i did never cashed this check!

so they told me to go back to the store where i got the check from, i did that and the called western union to "fix" the problem.they told me its fixed and i could go to any western union and cash it ! i went back to the other store .... and i had to wait another hour untill they finally told me they can cash me 1 check and that would be 1000$ cause they didnt had enough money either and then i had to pay 30 $ to cash my check !!!! why the *** do i have to pay AGAIN to get MY MONEY ???????

and they told me the rest of the check i HAVE to cash at the store where i actually got my checks from ..well so again i went back to this store and told them that i have to cash it here ... and the guy told me that is not possible cause he will never have that much money ! i just went crazy and dont know what to do!

i will go there again tomorrow and if they dont give me my money i will call the police omg!!! and i will never use western union to transfer money again!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Western Union is giving me a hard time here in Trinidad W.I. in the Caribbean, to get money that belongs to me.

Sister sent money from the U.S.. Western Union doesn't have enough cash at the outlet, so they want to give me a check to go to the bank. I refused to do that and went in search of other outlets, but I'm coming up against the same thing. The customer service at main office in Port Of Spain, Trinidad very unprofessional, hostile, rude and will not assist with information.

They won't give me the phone numbers to locations, so I can call beforehand to determine whether or not they had enough cash, before I waste my time to drive down there, only to find out they don't have the amount that was sent. It's much worse customer service at the Western Unions, in Trinidad, W.I.

Caribbean. 3 days now and can't get my money without a hassle.


I hope that this is not going to happen to me!!!! I sent my daughter 2810 plus 190 to send in minutes.

total 3000.00 They accepted it and gave me a micn number to give my daughter. I give it to her and tell her to go get her money. This transaction is from me in West Palm Beach to Orlando in Florida. Not 5 minutes later I get a call from Western Union fraud protection dept.

Asking me what is the purpose for this money? I told them it is for her personal use. He again asked me so what does she need it for? At this point I am being violated and harrassed.

They have my money and my daughter doesnt have her money. I am also believing this guy is bizzare and sounds like a scammer. He hangs up on me after I cuss him out. :( So I call western union to tell them they have a nut job on ther hands.

*** he has to be an imposter! Its too Bizzare! They confirm that they returned my money and that it is their policy to ask what my daughter is going to spend the money on. ??????????

How do I know why dont they call her? This is it MOnday I go get my money back and it best be in cash!!!!!!!!


It's not the states doing the "stupidity" game. Americans are going through the same thing.

As usual, another AMERICAN company decided to rout their business through INDIA..... no speaky velly good english!

We are jobless but we can keep INDIA going!!!


Have Western Union call back the money and have your mother send by money gram.


*** and *** an *** and ***....


naw,never ever use no *** like that western un ion.its made for prostitutes..from bulgaria .. :grin

crazy world!!!!!

i really thougt people in the states know what the word "sevice" mean??!