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Hi all, please don't use Western Union to transfer money if you have a matter of an urgent nature to be resolved because once Western Union put your transfer on hold for their Legal department to get involve in investigating the receiver name which is a match in their watch list, it will take them several days to complete their verification process before they release the transfer from hold regardless how many contacts, email you make with them in order to reason them the importance of allowing the pickup of the money.

In fact once we were informed by an agent that the money is hold until I send a copy of my passport to ensure that I am not the person concerned in their watch list, I immediately scanned my passport and send by email to their security departmenent.

I was told that similar name like mine is on their watch and I would have to send a copy of my passport despite on every occasion that my money is sent to my name and blocked as if they don't have a mechanism to detect that I am not the person concerned.

Obviously this Western Union don't understand why we use in the first place their service and I really really really needed to collect the cash the day it was sent and despite begging them on the phone and by email to push whoever is dealing on my case to release my money transfer for nothing was done for 7 days... We are now considering to cancel the transfer and use a different company more efficient... Good luck to whoever wants to use western union again

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

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the same is happening to me ,


Me too.l have had the same problem.l was so shocked as l have never done anything criminal in my life.l went home crying and not understanding what was are on the watch list that's what they said.l was on the watch it wrong to send yo family money.the money l worked for.l would even hurt a fly and now am on watch list.l was confused indeed


Same thing happened to me, then they claimed someone tried to contact me on my cellphone get there is no missed calls or voice mail. This is the worst service ever, they advertise as a quick way to get money to your account but it's a load of bull. Don't use them you will regret it.


My last post was back on is July....

And to my surprise...I am still in the watch list.

I had to call to get my money approved ...

They should have a method to approve you once...and clear you off...

They ask you for your driver license...what else do they want to prove.? DNA sample.... 2" of hair for testing....

Western Union is not bad service, but the convenience factor has really dropped..


I am having the same problem and to think that this is the 6th time that WU put the money sent to me "ON HOLD". Somebody should give this company a lesson.

They already interviewed my husband for almost 1 hour but the same thing happened the next time he sends money.... he have to call the Customer Service Hotline to answer some question. They told my husband that they randomly picked the names... hello!!!

They randomly picked our name 6x already!!! Told my husband that we should sue WU for this. The have records, they know that this will happen. Money sent via WU are usually money needed for emergency reason, that is why we used their service.

NEVER USE WESTERN UNION for sending money.

Their service SUCKS BIGTIME!! :sigh


I have been using their service for a while and was very convenient to the past months..

Now everytime i send money i have to call to get it to go thru

i try to get answer on what triggers it and get no straight answer

i can understand once, but everytime?

fixing to talk to customer service to hear thier version? guess what i am on hold! Guess what? now they are transfering me to another department...

Please note : i have been transferred now 3 times. My money has already been marked as cleared to be picked up.

All i want to know is why am i having to call every time for the last 4 money transfers...

I can understand random, but i am randomly picked everytime?

Their on hold messages says "Easy" and "convenient" ... i don't see that now!

Still waiting, been a few minutes....

Apparently my name is common...and someone by my name is on the watch list for financial institution to verify the information. I am doom ... i can not do online transactions without calling...

I was suggested to just go to a local western union office to make the transactions instead.

Convenience...yeah right...

I guess put money in an envelope back again.

So if your name is in the 'list' you are a subject to be verified and put on hold.


Should have read this article earlier. Now my urgent money transfer is on hold by the compliance department.

I've sent them all the necessary information including copy of my passport, my bank statement and even the bill from the receivers showing what will the money be used for. It's still on hold and I can't even get anyone to answer my phone call in the compliance department.

Will never use westernunion again. It sucks.


All of these articles have saved me a lot of haedaches.


Hi, you're not on WU watch list, actually your name is in the USA government watch list. Cheers


hate western union, they do not just abuse me, they treat you the same way and many others. someone needs to suit western union make them bankrupt, they can not abuse ppl just because they holds ppl's money. they know you need the money, you have to beg them, they are just mentally ill, everyone of them.