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Okay so you go on-line create a user name, password, enter all your personal data, name, address, phone numbers, credit card numbers, security codes and then you go to try and send money to someone.

Next you get an error message that you must call Western Union to complete your transaction so you call.

Next, rather than using any of the information you have provided Western Union says they must use some "third party" service to know if the phone number(s) you have provided belong to you.

When this "3rd party" data base does not have you in their data base the representative now cancels your transaction and in the case of my credit card the bank now denies any additional transactions with Western Union.

You ask who is this "3rd party" company so you can contact them directly and Western Union has no idea who they are! I have no idea why my home phone and cell phone numbers are not in this 3rd party data base or who or how this data base is maintained. Maybe I should refuse to pay my phone bills and inform AT&T that according to Western Union I do not exist?

So you ask to speak to a manager or supervisior and the Western Union representative hangs up!

To not allow the customer service representatives to access the on-line information, to not know who this 3rd party company is in my opinion completely unprofessional and such "policies" and "procedures" lack the necessary business insight for Western Union to be considered a modern company.

Monetary Loss: $240.

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Newport, Maine, United States #230911

I just wish to add to my write up that I did a search for my phone number and had no difficulty finding myself.

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