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covered by the FBI and 42 American Governments? Out of every view and in view of own investigations, the involvement of Western Union in 59% of all crime cases in USA and Canada concerning this matter, how can an american Attorney General declare in public that this company is needed, the involvement in crime has to be reduced and gives this company a white collar; at the same time, as the leading member of the proceedings, requested hundred millions of Dollars as compensations from Western Union to secure american boarders for Western Union's participation in fraud?

Isn't that the same Money Wash, to take the Western Union faked money from population worldwide to use it for honorable aimes as it is when collecting the drugs money? Yes it is with a difference: drugs and other similar forbidden money transfers are unhealthy for the population whereas the money from Western Union in most cases is honorable earned and often was meant as help for children, orphans and other social institutions. This apparently the Attorney Generals and Governors have overseen as this money has to be recompensated to the owners and not taken for the security of boarders!

Going this criminal way Western Union has created an economic damage, only in the European Union, of just more than,- € by transferring money to foreign countries for fraud!.And the next will be yours, so stop Western Union Money Transfers! Did you already see that Western Union overtakes no guarantee that your sent money will be delivered to your recipient ???

Instead of this, warning before criminal recipients, they want you to overtake their risk for their payment handling employed stuff. According to laws and Court Decisions against Western Union the recipient has nothing to do with the Money Transfer. The legal definitions of Money Transfer Businesses is: valid passport to valid passport and this is the part Western Union, doing the transfers, is responsable for and has to pay the compensations. And they cannot valid legal transfer these responsabilities to the sender.

Western Union only is planning to expand the fraud more easier for themselves !!! Stop Western Union and the governmental help in order to achieve frauded money. The FBI must answer other questions to their protections.


Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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What are you talking about or trying to say???? I think your comprehension of the English language is awful