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Update by user Mar 25, 2013

Wow! is this a joke?

here i am ranting about the poor customer service of Western Union and i did not notice the Western Union ad at the top of the Pissed Consumer! there is a smiling lady and the ad claiming MONEY TRANSFERS HASSLE FREE!!!! Pissed Consumer is throwing this back in my face!!!! im not pissed anymore, im just laughing about this.

here i am typing my anger and i didnt even notice the Smiling Western Union lady ad.

its like im being taunted!! LOL!

Update by user Mar 25, 2013

Sorry for the mispelled words i was pissed and nearly poked at my keyboard to death! i dont know how to get back in to edit the title!

Original review posted by user Mar 25, 2013

My story is that i was sent 600.00 from the mainland to Hawaii. i went to Western Union at the Sac and Save in Kailua Kona supermarket on a sunday at 1.00pm.

a sign on the counter says OUT to Lunch. so Okay i come back at 3.00pm and the lady at the counter says that they are doing a shift change and to come back at 4.30pm. WTF! How long does it take to do a shift change?

i did not come back at 4.30 because i am working, and decided to try again in the morning. i get there and the lady says i have to wait becuase she doesnt have enough funds again, WTF! so i waited and waited and eventually got my money. i dont understand why Western Union kept delaying and bouncing customers back and forth until they are ready to give money that does not belong to them!

i had the same problem a few months back and they tell me to come back later, we dont have 600.00 to give you. im sick of the excuses of why i cant recieve my money when i ask for it and when their services was already paid for! Western Union SAC AND SAVE Kona branch Hawaii, famous excuses for not delevering money transfers on time are "out to lunch" "come back later we are doing a shift change" and "come back later we dont have enough funds" although this branch is in a super market! These people act like they are my gods!

and that i am reciving a gift from them, therefore i have no right to demand or even ask for "MY MONEY" until whenever they are good and ready to do so! My advice? dont do business with Western Union at the Sac and Save branch in Kailua-Kona Hawaii.

if so, be prepared to be told to come back later, maybe once, in my case three times!! they SUCK!

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