Paducah, Kentucky
Not resolved

This is the absolute worst company I have ever done business with. You would think they would be a little more conscientious since they are dealing with people's money but that is not the case.

They could care less. Thanks to them my friend that I was trying to wire money to in HI, 2000 might I add, will not be able to have an enjoyable Christmas. The money was wired on 12/18, left my bank account immediately, and as of 12/22, he has still not received the money. Unfortunately today he is leaving for CA to visist relatives for Christmas.

As anyone can imagine, thinking you are going on a trip w/ 2000 and then not having it, is a big blow and is going to have a huge impact on his trip. The excuses Western Union gave were laughable and not even worth repeating. I requested the transaction be canceled and should have the 2 g's back by mid Jan. Ha!

NEVER do business with this company. Your money is too important to be handled so carelessly.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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