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I tried to send payment of only $40 to someone and they gave me the run around for 1 hour about why they can't complete this transaction and eventually it came down to that they just didn't want to. That makes no sense to me.

I wish there was some other company I could use to send money to China but unfortunately I can't. I recommend ANYONE and EVERYONE to stay clear of WESTERN UNION. They are a poor company with poor customer service in a service based industry?!?!?!?

Do something to fix yourselves! I will try my hardest never to use them again and I suggest the same for everyone else....

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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western union is no good i will never used them they suck jacking money


This place is a joke lost 100


My western union money order for my rent was stolen and when I reported it to western union, they made me pay $15 to track down the money order and fill out forms. Though I did it, they never did anything to locate the money, and each time I called, they would tell me to do the same thing.

I deeply regret using Western union and I recommend that people should be careful with them. They have the WORST customer service ever!, and they are not reliable....I feel so bad that I have lost $700.00


I can't agree enough. Just as many others stated, I've got the run around by over a dozen agents and spent hours just trying to complete one transaction.

I can't believe something better hasn't come along.

To the rescue startups.... please!


Western Union customer care is ***! They should be ashamed of themselves! Such poor customer service - why are they still in business???????


Pathatic western union. Tried sending 1500 run around of 4 hrs.

waiting time for rep on phone 30 min. worst company ever


The worst so called service of any company I have ever dealt with. I will never use them again.


Amen!!! I just found that out today; and I use them all the time for personal use for my kids.

But this time I used them for a business transaction to keep my business from my personal. THE WORST SERVICE EVER! My Business client lost the money order that I purchased and had me go back to Western Union to fix it and that is when ALL *** BROKE OUT CONCERNING HOW THEY HANDLED THIS ISSUE. Never again will I use them for my business purpose and starting today, I WELL NEVER USE THEM FOR MY PERSONAL MATTERS!

All this *** time giving them my business!!!!! I was a FOOL, BUT NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!


Tried to send $550 from canada to canada. Spent 10 minutes entering info through automated phone service.

I was transferred to an actual agent who asked me a huge amount of personal info. The agent was Mexican and could not tell difference between B, V, D's - a real struggle. Finally I find out that the transaction could not be done.

She was not allowed to tell me why. Asked to speak to a supervisor, and after being on hold for another 10 minutes line went dead.


My story with wu . sent money several times with them but ALWAYS there was a language barrier!!

now i try to send money tonight and EVERY NUMBER i tell them about my personal info they get wrong .

went throught the whole thing again for the guy to keep messing up all the numbers given, asked for a supervison and guess what....HE barely speaks english! I will NEVER use western union again.




Similar experience... W.U.

is the worst of the worst. Over the past several months I have done several transfers... usually doing a 'confirmation' call-back that wasted 20 more mintues for a $200 transfer. Last week they required a full 'compliance department' review.

I proved I have a small company, proved that the payments are for components (getting parts from China)... and they said that I wouldn't need to deal with these confirmations any more... note that it took about 5 hours of calls with guys in India who really don't speak english. And my very next transfer, guess what, 'confirmation' time!

I've now spent 2 more hours on the phone trying to clear this without yet finding any human intelligence at W.U. I can't believe that company can survive!

Looking into other options, I definitely will not be using W.U. again.


worst company ever. they cancelled my transaction with no notice, email explanation etc and then they had the nerve to post a $25 fee on my card!!!!

they are thieves and ***


So you set up a direct deposit with your employer so you can get paid that day. But guess what????

Not at WU. Nope you get to wait 3 days while the find out if your supporting some terrorist organization with your thousand bucks.

I can barely buy gas and groceries with that amount of money much less support some fanatical group. You would think common sense would come into play here.


I send $250.00 from the U.S. to Kazakhstan.

This time I decided to do it online. I got emails from western union stating that the transfer went through and my account had been devbited. Called my relative and found out that there was no record of the transfer in the system. Called western union and found out that for security reasons they made a decision to cancel the transfer!

Security reasons??? It's not like I am sending $10,000! Ridiculous! Well, I decided to call back and was told that the money will be available to pick up in KZ in a day.

I got frustrated because I was getting different answers. The agents simply didn't know what they were doing. I hate their accent too! I was transferred from one person to another and ended up spending 2 hours on the *** Phone!

So stressed. (I am pregnant too)...

Anyway, at least I knew I was getting my money back. But several hours later I got an email saying that they received MY request to cancel the transfer and therefore the money would be refunded but not the transfer fee ($20). I was shocked.

I didn't request any cancelataion! They decided to cancel it due to whatever reasons. Omg, I am so pissed! Yes, $20 is not a big deal but they can't just keep the fee since I didn't cancel anything.

There is no way to talk to the headquarters! The agents are in Mexico city! Well, that's what they said. But they sound like Indians...

What the he'll is wrong with the western union??? I have been their customer for 6 years and now I am so disappointed. The agents simply don't give a ***. I requested an email with a confirmation on the refund.

They said they cannot do that! I will never use them again.


Message from Netherlands.

I am also totally fed up with western union.

So much i don't even wanna write their name with capitals, *** them!

I hate them.

Last week i tried to send only 50 Euro! to an Asian country.

They (an agency) refused to send it, new rules since 1-1-12.

I had to prove to them where the 50 Euro came from...??

Also i had to prove them what the receiver was gonna do with the money??

I think both answers is non of their *** business.

Even though the payment was needed urgent they didn't want to process.

Later i called their help desk and was connected to half Dutch speaking foreigners who didn't know *** about western union and the systems behind it.

Even trying to file a complain was not possible.!

Never met such a useless *** company as this w.u..

After this happening i tried to find other companies delivering money transfer but could only find similar or even worse then w.u....

I was told all this *** was necessary to stop terrorism and laundering etc.

It all makes me so aggressive that i could almost get understanding for terrorism.

Those leaders from countries who make all these *** rules have never heard of how real terrorists support their activities apparently.

Never heard of Hawala banking??

They instead prefer bothering normal people to a great extent.

Does anybody know how to get money transferred in a human way?