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I tried to send payment of only $40 to someone and they gave me the run around for 1 hour about why they can't complete this transaction and eventually it came down to that they just didn't want to.That makes no sense to me.

I wish there was some other company I could use to send money to China but unfortunately I can't. I recommend ANYONE and EVERYONE to stay clear of WESTERN UNION. They are a poor company with poor customer service in a service based industry?!?!?!?

Do something to fix yourselves!I will try my hardest never to use them again and I suggest the same for everyone else....

Review about: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $40.


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Katy, Texas, United States #1313038

My western union money order for my rent was stolen and when I reported it to western union, they made me pay $15 to track down the money order and fill out forms.Though I did it, they never did anything to locate the money, and each time I called, they would tell me to do the same thing.

I deeply regret using Western union and I recommend that people should be careful with them.They have the WORST customer service ever!, and they are not reliable....I feel so bad that I have lost $700.00


I can't agree enough.Just as many others stated, I've got the run around by over a dozen agents and spent hours just trying to complete one transaction.

I can't believe something better hasn't come along.

To the rescue startups....please!


Western Union customer care is ***! They should be ashamed of themselves! Such poor customer service - why are they still in business???????

Valley Stream, New York, United States #1017724

Pathatic western union.Tried sending 1500 run around of 4 hrs.

waiting time for rep on phone 30 min.worst company ever


The worst so called service of any company I have ever dealt with. I will never use them again.

to John #818406

Amen!!!I just found that out today; and I use them all the time for personal use for my kids.

But this time I used them for a business transaction to keep my business from my personal. THE WORST SERVICE EVER! My Business client lost the money order that I purchased and had me go back to Western Union to fix it and that is when ALL *** BROKE OUT CONCERNING HOW THEY HANDLED THIS ISSUE. Never again will I use them for my business purpose and starting today, I WELL NEVER USE THEM FOR MY PERSONAL MATTERS!

All this *** time giving them my business!!!!!I was a FOOL, BUT NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!


Tried to send $550 from canada to canada.Spent 10 minutes entering info through automated phone service.

I was transferred to an actual agent who asked me a huge amount of personal info. The agent was Mexican and could not tell difference between B, V, D's - a real struggle. Finally I find out that the transaction could not be done.

She was not allowed to tell me why.Asked to speak to a supervisor, and after being on hold for another 10 minutes line went dead.


My story with wu .sent money several times with them but ALWAYS there was a language barrier!!

now i try to send money tonight and EVERY NUMBER i tell them about my personal info they get wrong .

went throught the whole thing again for the guy to keep messing up all the numbers given, asked for a supervison and guess what....HE barely speaks english!I will NEVER use western union again.




Similar experience...W.U.

is the worst of the worst. Over the past several months I have done several transfers... usually doing a 'confirmation' call-back that wasted 20 more mintues for a $200 transfer. Last week they required a full 'compliance department' review.

I proved I have a small company, proved that the payments are for components (getting parts from China)... and they said that I wouldn't need to deal with these confirmations any more... note that it took about 5 hours of calls with guys in India who really don't speak english. And my very next transfer, guess what, 'confirmation' time!

I've now spent 2 more hours on the phone trying to clear this without yet finding any human intelligence at W.U. I can't believe that company can survive!

Looking into other options, I definitely will not be using W.U.again.

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