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I tried to receive money via western union, they now have these self-service phones at rite aid. The customer service representative and I use the term loosely, was rude and wouldn't help me because I did not have the tracking number.

The phone was filthy and I have to hold it away from my face. Great going western union, you have put another nail in the Rite Aid coffin. I'm contacting the health department regarding this health issue.

I wish another company who does something similar would step up to the plate, maybe paypal can extend itself a little bit. They're customer service is way better.

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Western Union is NOT in the business of transferring money anymore, but rather stealing people's money with fees they won't return and service they won't complete.

I was supposed to receive money in New Orleans, Louisiana back in July. They sent it to the city of Orleans, France instead, and after 2 hours on the phone with several managers, they finally sent it to me in New Orleans, LA. This was in July. Now, in October, I was once again supposed to receive money, same place, New Orleans, Louisiana. This time they sent it to a little town called Louisiana, Illinois. After two hours on the phone, this time they would not budge. My relative (the sender) had to cancel the transaction, and but Western Union withheld the $37 fee.

When I lived in Washington, DC (District of Columbia), they used to send the money "by mistake" to Bogota, Colombia, instead of Washington, DC. I cannot imagine that anyone can be that *** - they must either do this on purpose, or they must be really high on crystal meth.

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