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Never, ever use Western Union if you can possibly avoid it.

This morning I attempted to send $1,000 to a family member via Western Union online. After they had taken the money from my bank account, they asked me to upload a scanned copy of my drivers license. So I did that, except their file server returned an error (something was broken on their end), upon which they canceled the transaction.

THAT would be well and good, except now the money won't be returned to my account for up to 10 days. Seriously? It took 5 seconds to take my money and 10 days to return it? I checked online and whadayaknow .... there is a long list of people who've had exactly this experience.

Western Union sucks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

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I sent money via WU on Monday...the receiver STILL hasn't gotten the money and it's Thursday now. I spoke to Paula- incompetent girl who took 10 minutes to grasp what was happening & expects people to travel around the city to see if a different WU will dispense the money.

Mike wasn't any better & thought that by apologizing it would make it all better. Carl was some foolish kid who cared even less than his minions. Still no money, still frustrated.

Don't send money via WU. ITS A WASTE OF TIME & MONEY!!!


I'm so sorry. I posted my comment three years ago.

It appears WU hasn't gotten any better. They really should be out of business by now.


WU is the worst. They would not give money to our daughtr because her id included a middle name and there is no middle name slot in the wu form. Bunch of *** idiots.


*** Head Western Union.....

I was using this card nearly daily up to the end of June 2014. In early July 2014 I created online access to the card at the western union prepaid card online.

At that time I believe my card balance was $66.00. Also, I claimed $100.00 of my rewards points and requested to add the $100.00 to the card. The $100.00 was added right away.

I never tried using the above mentioned card until middle of July 2014 and I could not access the card not even to check balance.

So, I went online and logged into the online prepaid website and the previous posted rewards amount of $100.00 was deleted and the following day when I checked it online, the entire card had been removed from the website.

Why would western union post to my card the rewards $100 and then delete it?

Secondly, why would western union delete my online account without notice??

Now it is nearly 45 days later and no letter or email from western union as to why? If western union does not want me to use their services any longer then I hereby request a letter or email stating their reason for my not being able to use your services.

Check my western union history and you will know that I have paid a lot of money to use your services over the past years. I also, have many rewards points that have not been claimed and if I knew that you were going to cease my use of your services, I would of claimed my many years of rewards. Is this the way western union treats their long term customer supporters? As far as I know, I have not abused your services as agreed in terms and conditions.

Usually, if someone abuses or violates an agreement the issuer gives written notice of any violation to the agreement. Western union has not given me any written or verbal reason for their actions.

Whatever the reason for restricting my use of your services please send your reason (s) in writing. If Western Union has chosen not to allow my use of your services any longer then besides a letter of reason, I hereby request a check from you for the balance of money that was on my card when you stopped my use of the said card and that would include my July 2014 added rewards amount that was posted to my card in July 2014 of $100.00


I agree western union sucks major ballzack! I lost a money order and called them to cancel.

they said they would send me a form via mail and I needed to fill it out, have it notarized and return it via mail. And if the money order wasn't cashed between now and the time they process my form then they would refund my money. Well that could be a week using snail mail. so now I'm waiting and praying that no one cashes my money order between now and then.

So hopefully in 6-8 weeks I'll have my money back.. This place is a sad joke..


Good luck! That's a major bummer.


paypal never goes wrong! fxxk western union


Their website sucks. The only options for receiver are name and country.

But the receiver gave me a bunch of numbers that I have nowhere to fill them in. I am curious if I fill in Obama, USA, would they send the money to President Obama or someone with the same name.


Today I discovered western union OUTSOURCES ITS CALL CENTER.

This is bad enough with millions of Americans unemployed.

But the foreign nationals answering the phones for western union some day my speak English as a second language.

The accents were very heavy and no native English speaker was available.

I’m still not sure how my money disappeared.

WU should be ashamed taking jobs from Americans.

WU should pay a fine for each Job sent out of the USA.


Please be very careful with WUnion online service from your bank account to your receiver.Today, after waiting 24 hours for them to verify everything about my bank account and my identity, the $700 that I was sending online, was taken out of my account and I was given a PID number. However, when I tried to enter the PID number and could not, I contacted their chat line.

Chat person told me that my verification process failed and that I would have to wait 7 days ( or more ) for a refund into my bank account.

I was devastated. :sigh


I made the mistake on 7th October 2012 of attempting to utilize Western Union's WU Pay service which is funded by one's checking account bill pay system. I sent two payments one for 500 and the other for 600 dollars via WU Pay and to this day, 17th October, the payment to the receiver who is in dire need, has not yet been released!

What's worse is that you cannot phone WU Pay support directly, but you must rely on only e-mail and on the chance probability that you'll be by your phone when WU Pay Support actually phones you upon reading your e-mail. When I tried to get through to WU Pay Support via Western Union's customer service phone number, they kept telling me that it was impossible for me to be transferred to WU Pay Support, I could only contact them via e-mail or chat, and I have yet to be able to utilize the chat function of Western Union's website. I will never, ever attempt to use Western Union again, I'll just trust in Xoom, which all my friends have had better results with, and it's actually considerably less costly than Western Union's exorbitant fees. I hope my message helps you avoid the untold delays and hassles I've experienced by Western Union, who are experts at floating your cash for many days before delivering if ever, on their promised service.

Stay away from Western Union if you can help it!!! :?


Friday night we had a family emergency and my sister in law needed money ASAP and we went to Western Union and sent $4,903 and payed a fee of $73.55 and they said it would get there in 15 minutes.

4 hours later we get a call that the code we had given my sister in law would not work.

So we call Western Union and after hours of getting no where, we were told we would have to call back in the morning.

Then at 6:30 am we get a call from Western Union asking questions about who we were sending the money too and were we sure they were who they said were?

As if my sister in law was some criminal scamming us. Then they said they would release our money.

I and my wife talked for a minute and decided we could send it cheaper through LBC for $10 fee now that western Union had screwed up getting the money to my sister in law ASAP.

So we call Western Union and tell them to cancel everything and we want all our money back including the fees. They said we can get the money but not the fee and that someone would be calling us back with a new code to use to get the money.

5 hours later I decide they are not calling so I call them again and they say to go back to the agent and get all the money including the fee.

So They hold our money for 15 plus hours and we get it back and for nothing to us but a big pain in the *** plus 2 trips to the agent.



I tried to send money online, various links in the process were closed to input that they asked, on third attempt, called via Telephone, finally sent money at jacked up charge. When the payee went to a bank with a Western Union emblem on the building, the bank teller screwed up the transfer, and could not issue a check fo r the payee to endorse, Had to cancel the trans action, call and get money back into system, My payee now has to find a another western union office on foot in a strange city. Next time its Paypal.