I transferred money from one card to another on western union online.I was moving from MS to NY and the rental place wasn't accepting my bank card. It said it would only take two days.

After 3 days I called and every time I called I got a different answer as to why my money wasn't there. They kept telling me the money was received and I knew they were lieing because it was my account!!! Then they told me it was sent in cash and not through the bank and that someone picked it up in another state and it was going to take 20 days to get it back and then five minutes later they said oh it was sent to the bank account and it was picked up and then they said it wasnt picked up again and I went back and forth with them for 3 days and finally they told me it would take 3-5 days not 2 days like it said on their website then I called after 5 days and they told me something happened so they had to give me my money back and that would take another 3-5 days!!!!!!!!

so here it is a week later and still no money. I hope they go out of business!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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