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Western Union refuses to fulfill the minimum transfer requierements given by Court ( and with this, the Money Transfer has to be closed as it seems to be illegal. Here the following conversation:

Response Via Email (Aldwin A) 07/18/2012 02:03 PM

Dear Gerhard Kommnick

Thank you for your recent email.

We appreciate your attention on this matter. If you could provide the MTCNs of these transfers, it would help us with our internal investigation. Please be advised the we strongly advise our consumers against fraud, most especially on sending money to individuals that they do not know, or whose identity they cannot verify. We offer money transfer services, and is not responsible for knowing the receiver not their identity.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Should you require further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.


Al Amodente

Western Union Customer Advocate

ATTN: Al Amodente

I never have heard more stupidness than in your last E-Mail. Western Union had, in absolutely no way, fulfill the Court Decisions that are necessary to handle Money Transfers at all, what means: in that way Western Union is not allowed to handle the Money Transfers by law, and you try to pose the faults to the clients that are paying you !!! Further on, as I have shown, Western Union is directly involved in the crime (10% to the Western Union Office) and then Western Union paid the transfer. Besides that who told you that I did not know the persons. I know them but the real ones and all payments had not been done on base of scam or so. So each point you are telling here, only fakes. Western Union has to fulfill the Court points and then nothing had happened. But as Western Union is going on that way, ignoring apparently the Court decision, it shows that you still further on want to work on that way accepting and very well knowing that thousands of crimes also will be continued with that. Also this is direct involvement in to the crimes and punishable by law. And if Western Union does not follow up Court's decisions and the principals that are given there for handling Money Transfers, Western Union must be closed immediately and brought to Court;. and you on top with such irrelevant argues. You offer a service that is called Money Transfer and that is for all and not only for fraudsters. And the Court decision also says that it is your responsability if the Money is frauded. And in the same way is arguing the Attorney General of Arizona: all fraud has to be compensated although I said in the beginning, that two valid passports are needed (sender, recipient). And what you have told me there that one only should send money to well known persons is also a fake when Western Union Employers do not realize forgery passports the principal of the transfer conditions. So, even this what you were telling here would not be a solution as Western Union is frauding.

I, further on, am still waiting for the informations in which country, office of Western Union and when the fraud was realized. I am still missing that. And when you also are too *** to understand that this request concerning the Transfer conditions and that for this no police is necessary as I never asked who has taken the money, then I cannot help you. The only thing I can tell you, if my case now is not solved within this week it will cost Western Union Billions of USD. The informations from my side will continue.

Awaiting your swift reply

Best Regards

Gerhard Kommnick

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $19000.

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