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Haven't you realized that the Western Union MTCN number is n o secret number but an "opening number" for your money transfer to 400.000 Western Union employed stuff to fake your transfer worldwide ?? Is this why they refuse worldwide to give you the argue to where they have sent the money in reality???

Do you know any bank that makes the secret number open to employed stuff???

No. If you do not stop your money transfer it can go like this, very well known since years from Africa and now also from Far East.

"i have known friend getting money transfers from western union he got the money but hes name is not real he using girl name and he give the personnel of western union 10% to got the money the name using his man is cathy sanjose ans jessica monte he is fooling the poor people sending the money and he got the money branch at western union camarin road vicas caloocan city hope will action this swindler and fooling person please as soon as possible they have action this more power and thank you very much please action this again thank you."

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $19000.

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