In the past, I had used Western Union to wire money online to my daughter in Los Angeles, with no problem. I used the same debit card for all transactions.

I tried last year, and they declined it stating that they could not verify that I was the sender? I had to go in person to wire the money. After complaining, they promised that it was resolved. Last night, I tried to wire her money and the same thing happened.

I had to call the "so called" customer service line and the agent stated that the transaction was declined and couldn't state why. Being that it was 10:30 at night, going to a store was not an option. To say that I was "pissed" was putting it mildly. I ended up calling Money Gram and it was a piece of cake and their fee was only 12 dollars.

Western Union's fee was TWENTY NINE DOLLARS!

Screw that! They had one chance to remedy the problem and they messed up and lost a loyal customer.

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