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I purchased a money order at 7-11 for $275.00 for a payment for my apartments. Put my apartments as the pay to, and signed the front but not the back. Turns out I did not need to pay and wanted my money back for moving out. Called 7-11, Walmart, and Smiths they stated we would have to call Western Union. Called Western Union's number on the back of the check and it took me to an automated system that said that I can cash at ANY bank. Went to a couple of banks, but the issue was the name on the pay to. Understood that, called customer service. WOW.

Customer service answered and transferred me right back to the automated service. Called back and customer service disconnected on me. Called again, the department transferred me to the wrong department. That department transferred to the automated service.

Fed up, called back and requested to speak to a supervisor. That person sent me back to the wrong department and the person disconnected.

At this point, I was furious. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. I called back spoke to a supervisor who told me that 5 minutes ago (When I was being transferred around) the department that could actually help me closed. Now I have to wait until Monday until they can "possibly" help me, and I do not have the money to help me move until Monday IF they do help.


For people who had this happen or is happening please let me know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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My store can refund WU Money Orders that were made at our store - we basically just void it out and cash the check for the customer (unfortunately, we cannot refund the 39 cent fee). Should have gone back to the 7-11.

@just a clerk

I tried, but they would not refund anything over $75.00. But I was able to go through a bank once a manager finally helped me.


You are the one that screwed up the check. Be patient little child, you will get your bottle.