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I spend three hours - first setting up on line account and have to stop as a code was requried that was for me only available by mail. Then called and wanted to transfer $400 to my brother who was in a bind low on money in a foreign country- it was an emergency.

I went through all my credit cards and i Western Union rejected each one and said it "was rejected by the bank" . A lie of course I checked with my cards , the first one i did not have available cash the others were fine. Wasted several hours , I have good credit and very high credit scores. Then has an idea sparked - paypal- it took a few minutes and my brother was able to collect very easily.

Only 1.85 compared to Westerns Unions $41 which i was prepared to pay. I am still pissed with western union as it appears that the have reported suspicious action on my card as the card providers are now calling me, Their personnel appear to be very incompetent on basic transfer of info such as getting names correctly even one as simple as THOMAS . Boy scouts playing they are FBI agents. Harrah for PayPal and down with WU.

I have their stock and i am going to sell it- they PayPal's and Google will take over and do a better job. I would not complaint if they had been honest and just state that western union does not approve rather than saying it's the bank that declined.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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I have a fiance in the army stationed in Afghanistan at the moment . He is Nigerian.

Was trying to send money for his family.

But wu had quit letting me send . Keeps giving me a code R 7008.


I get the same problem In two time trying with my debit card that is like a cash. Something wrong happen with western union. The web side give the locations where I can go in person?


March 2012. I am also having the same problem with WU online. I have a top-tier credit score and verified with two banks that the issue is NOT with the bank.

Read the reviews - WU can't get their act together.