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Rather simple. Sent money with western union, and they refused to send it to the receiver based on a multitude of fictional reasons depending on which contract employee in a foreign call center you speak to. The real reason we find is the receiver shares the same name (common name) in the Country of receipt as someone Western has blacklisted. Of course they never tell us this, they use excuses like "you have to email here to find out why", or "its your bank", etc. We've heard every excuse in the book! After a month now of every excuse in the book for as to why it can not be sent, they pull the same garbage as to why it has not yet been refunded. They still will not refund the money via any other dependable method, like a good old fashioned check (or how about a WU money order, duh!). Like always, they try to blame the bank first... which is a practiced lie they are coached into it seems, its been sent, we'll call you back, blah blah blah. They refuse to do anything other than "investigate", an internal matter that does not concern the consumer they have stolen from.

At present I have been:

- promised a refund on 6 occasions days, all elapsed at this point with no refund

- lied to several times as to the reason the transaction was held, refused, or how/when it would be refunded

- I have been refused the telephone and/or name of a direct contact at western union to rectify the situation

Presently we are suing for for our refund + damages.

Perhaps a little too late, but to warn others, this is VERY common practice for Western Union. They are a corporation on thieves posting 5.2 billion in revenue for 2010. Did you know Western Union on average steals more than $300 million a year from money transfers that they refuse to pay out or go uncollected by the receiver? Did you know that Western Union actually gloats about such funds to attract investors and uses that stolen money to generate more profits, classifying them as "settlement assets" in federal reporting??? They do this until forced by state statutes to turn over "unclaimed" funds unpaid transactions to state governments and then charge a fee to return the money to the consumer they stole it from in the first place! Stealing interest free and interest negative loans in this manner is not only dishonest, but a Federal crime! There are numerous class action lawsuits against them at any one time for these illicit practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

Monetary Loss: $1930.

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Western Union is a Scam;

1) They well not send money via phone stating they most safe guard their so called system.

2) Two people I know, one with 2 masters degrees, and high professional, could not get money sent- they told this person endless lies. They spent 2 hours trying and could not!

3) Second person tried - this person is well off by standards - they refused to transfer any money- something again about protecting their system..yadda, yadda

---->Be prepared for them to demand your name. Demand information - tell you one thing and do another---I told the last stooge to burn in *** for wasting my time.

They are near worthless- bank to bank transfers or Fed X money order -or you take a cash advance at 250% API or 30.00 dollars for 255.00 advance - they are forcing you to pay the for the front money.

-----Western Union is a racket, a legal thug- with no real value outside of causing you anger--screw Western Union and their board!


Here is the funny thing though, on WU website they claim its easy to send money to members in incarceration. I can not send money to long term business contacts, but sending money to convicted felons is not only condoned but encouraged!!!

I'll be happy to update that our bank recaptured the funds WU claimed they had refunded on so many occasions and they block WU from any future access to our accounts. WU never did refund anything on their own accord.


I have been sending money to my family in the Philippines for several years, all of a sudden they WU refused to send it saying federal regulations prohibit it.

I was "interviewed" by a non English speaking woman who was not very understandable and could not understand me. I was further told that western union would not send any more money for me. YEA and what about my Gold Card points????

I spent time in the morning getting the cash to take to a WU location and now I am required to return to the location to try to collect my 800 USD

Supposedly this was determined by a foreign woman in a foreign country that I was breaking Federal money laundering laws and funding terrorists.

My little 800 being being regularly sent to my family is now money laundering and supporting terrorist activity? give me a break..


Hi mate. Same here been sending money to my father for 13 years on a monthly basis, and suddenly transaction was refused and I was told that Western Union will not be sending money on my behalf due to undisclosed reason.

They got me concerned and I intend to sue them for damage and information disclosure. Everyone STOP USING WESTERN UNION