Western Union India offered to refund the money that had been sent in a fraudulent transaction but only if I would send them some more money first. To get back my $400, I would send them $400 and they would send me $800 The reason given for this was that they could only send money in amounts greater than $800 from Indian to the U.S.

They provide a very official looking page in their emails but no URL just a couple of email addresses and a phone number.

From the email: ...as our agents have already mentioned you about the minimum limitation which can be reimbursed from our end is 800 usd we had to reimburse you only by 800 usd and the balance funds that is excessive by it needs to be returned back to us via our moneytransfer services partner moneygram,and for your need we have below provided the nearest available agent location place with the valid details of our authorised personel who shall be recieving the funds sent from your end, so please note down the information carefully and get a reference number after sending us the funds and email it to us by a reply option in this email sent from us.

After we recieve your sent reference numbers via moneygram we shall be completing your reimbursement process via paypal instantly and a scan copy of paypal sent money reciept shall be emailed to you for your satisfaction, thank you.

Note: The paypal account used was not my account but one they set up for me.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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