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I have been sending some money on a reasonably regular basis to my husband in Ghana, now I know what people will say, but I am married to this man, have been living there, have just about organised myself to move there in a couple of weeks. I have tried to send him some money to find an apartment for us to live in when I get there while we look for a house to buy.

So Western Union decides that they will not allow me to send him any money for this purpose.

I habe been trying to send it all weekend and now I am soooo pissed off with them I have come here to vent my anger. Why do they have to decide what i do and to whom I can send money to, it's not as though it was thousands, it was $ thank you Western union for protecting me and my husband from whatever you are protecting me from...I am not ***, I know there are people out there who rip other people off but we are not two of them....

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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Im going through the same issue and this really has me angry


Similar situation. Makes you wonder what criteria wu use to establish your 'fraudulant actities' where the common person is subjected to this abuse with no feedback from the abuser (wu).