Western Union has the worst coustomer service in the WORLD. My bag was stolen causing me to loose the PIN number, my hudband was not only unable to collect the money, i was also unable to pick the money up with a valid ID.

A check was SUPPOSED to have been sent to my house, however due to the gross negligence of the clerk my old address was used.

And due the incomptence of another clerk who i told and spelled out my correct address to several times sent it to the wrong address. Now not only do i have to send a notarized proof of my address i also have to wait another week before getting my money back and oh to top it off they are keeping the fees with no regards to the fact that i have already waited a month.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I started using Money Gram instead. WU's CRS's are slow in the brain.


i went to kroger to cash a 25 dollar money order, they wouldnt cash it and advised me to go to advance financial they charged me 7 dollars to cash a 25 dollar money order if this isnt illegal it should be.


Trying to get money transfered Western Union-one end of the transfer has no idea what is required at the other end of the transfer-still trying to get this figured out. What is wrong with these people?


Don't use WU or at best have NO Expectations

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