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The sending agent, the receiving agent & I was lied to. I was receiving money through western union from a relative, the sending agent mistakenly keyed in home delivery when it was suppose to be money in minutes.

He called western union to correct the mistake, they stated that they would correct it. The receiving agent called to verify that the problem would be taken care of and they told him the money would be available in 2 hours. I return to the store 2 hours later and it had not been changed. Now they say wait til tomorrow, so that they can contact the sending agent because that company could not be reached.

This issue was addressed at 6pm, 15 minutes after the money was sent, way before the Company closed at 10pm. I spent 5 hours and 15 minutes waiting, going through chains of command, and still they refused to release the funds.

I am very upset. The Attorney General will hear from me tomorrow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Customer Care.

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Sounds like a winning solution to me!

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