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To whom it may concern

I send money to my sister in law Fatoumata Klet and my friend Mariame Traore I send same MTC number by mistake to both. Actually the MTC was supposed to be for only Fatoumata Klet. (150,000cf) Mariame went and withdraw the money. Without ID. When Fatoumata Klet got there they told her that the MTC number wasn't correct. She called me and I texted to her the second number and when she went back they told her th.at the money wasn't in her name. so I called Western union and found out the money was in Mariame's name. (75,000cf). So I called Mariame she said that the agency did said that her name wasn't spelled right and gave her only (75,000cf). I called Western Union at least 4 times and talk several supervisors before they finally accepted to file my claim.[ From May 1-9] Now they saying that the investigation is closed, money was delivered. They don't want to do anything more because they had all the paper work stating that the money was withdraw legally. I have been sending money since 1996 through Western union; I sent 2-3 times, sometime then what Western Union helped Mariame to steel from me. I never file claim saying that the money wasn't delivered legally. Western Union is branch committed a fraud and paid out money to someone is name wasn't on the MTC. And without no ID. To proof the fact that was the correct person and Western Union I trust, and give my money too don't want to do anything about it. My sister in law withdraws her money in the same branch closed to my family home. Mariame withdraw her money from another branch easy to prove I though simple fact. Second proof. I withdraw the money I sent to Mariame. And resend another 150,000cf to Fatoumata Klet. I offered to work with Western Union in anyway they needs to have the real Fatoumata Klet is record. They are not interested because's not about their credibility or being right. They have some fake documents respecting their rules that is enough. They told me that my case was closed. I trusted Western Union and I paid for their service I shouldn't be crying to have my money back.

Western can't guaranty security of customer is money they like they said so. Their own branch commits fraud they can't even protect customer from.

I need my money back. Someone please let me know how I can have my money back from W

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Reason of review: All above.

Monetary Loss: $260.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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My issue is not been resolved, Western Union never even contacted me. They just ignore my complete. I am looking at on how to pursue legally to have my money back.