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I used the "Money in Minutes" transfer. Four days later and numerous tries to get it straightened out - the recipient doesn't have the funds and I have money deducted from my account but no resolution!!!

I had to upload verification of my identity (driver's license) which I did correctly. I'm a web designer so I know how to upload jpg files. They claimed that it never went through. Fine - I'll upload it again. No - I have to RESEND the money and then upload the verification. That means that I'll have to give them twice the amount I wanted to send. They have no way on their website to upload a document without resending the money.

I wouldn't send it twice because I didn't trust their ability to do it correctly again and give them more money. So - four days later my recipient doesn't have the money and my money has not been refunded to my account. I have no idea when they will credit my account.


Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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WU says that you can send money and put it on your credit card. NOT.

They do not approve it then tell you to go to a customer service location.

That women did not know how to send to Austria. 25 *** euros.

Call customer service back and they said maybe they could do it for 300% more.

Screw the people at WU.


Great advice. Thanks!


use moneygram next time. normally cheaper.