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I attempted to make a money transfer today and it took about one hours of repeated calls. The operators could not speak English well enough to communicate basic transactional data. I have built and operated call centers for a Fortune 10 company and am intimately familiar with issues of localization, off-shore call centers, multi-lingual support etc....

What Western Union is doing is a complete disaster. The don't understand their own procedures as I was transferred between departments then transferred back again, each time giving extremely sensitive financial data.

The operators don't know how to use the equipment they use. Most of them have their headsets misconfigured so their breath washes over the microphone distorting anything they say.

The data connection between North America and their Philippine call center is not adequate for voice communications. I would need packet sniffing equipment at their call center to determine the source of the problem, but clearly, Western Union has not invested adequately to run an effective telephone business.

Do not use this company. They cannot run effective transactions.

They have slashed their costs and undermined their ability to do business.

They are effectively out of business from my perspective.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I tried to send $ yesterday morning. Recipient still being told there is a hold on it for verification.

Now I cant even reach anyone. 45 min on straight to vm to "wait for first available operator." Got someone who said he couldnt help and transferred me. 75 min on hold there only to be disconnected. Called back.

90 min later someone answered and said they had to transfer. I said no so he said he would give them my number and they'd call me right back. It's been 4 hours and still no call back. I'm at the agent trying to cancel and just get my $ back.

Agent has been on hold for over an hour now with WU. I will NEVER do this again !!!!!

Reno, Nevada, United States #920863

Omg I just had the exact horrible experience with these imbeciles Christmas Eve! They have taken my money out of my bank account so quick but the transfer didn't go through after a week, now I have to wait for 7 days to get my money back?? And these idiots are very rude and unprofessional it's disgusting!!

to Micki #1100985

Hi I just had same problem can I know if they have your money back?? The call centre ppl were quite idiots and don't know most of the things when asked.

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