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So I am in the midst of trying to send a friend $550.00 in the US, where I also am. I try to send it over the phone, and trying to understand the agent was one problem all it's own.

After being informed it would be a $63 transfer fee, and the 'transaction' failing according to the agent, I decided to just create a western union account, and do it online. WRONG.....I successfully registered, but when I went to send money 'instantly' ($55 fee mind you), I was asked to select one of three option of verifying my identity. So, I choose 'PID' (this is a four-digit PIN that pops up next to your transaction on your banks statement, that you have to go back and enter into the western union website before the money actually is delivered). Of course the money disappeared from my account 'instantly', but there is no transaction posted with this magical little PIN number to actually get the money TO my friend.

It is July 4th, bank cannot be called..... So much for instant transfers from Western Union. I spoke to a supervisor who adamantly assured me that he could do absolutely nothing to help, and that this is now Western Union standard practice. I asked him why was I paying $55 for an 'instant' transfer when it was ANYTHING but instant, and he said the funds would be available to my friend instantly, AFTER my identity was verified.

Wow, what a loose translation of 'instant'!! So I must wait until tomorrow when my bank opens to get this stupod little PIN number from them, or wait until the charge actually posts to my account with this *** PIN number, whatever comes first. meanwhile, my friend is stuck waiting in BFE Montana.

Still waiting for an 'instant transfer' from Western Union. What A JOKE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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Been waiting now for days!!!


I had the same experience with Western Union. What a joke.

I too paid extra for instant transfer, then had to wait days for this *** PID number to show up.

Why can't they generate that number instantly? So dumb.