Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Not resolved

I was trying to send $20 from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia for my sister. I had substantial funds in my bank account and went online to send the money through westerunion.com.

After I submitted all of my information, I received the message "This money transfer was not approved. If you were charged for this money transfer, you will be automatically refunded." So I called customer service to get the money sent, but they told me that since it was already not approved online they could not send the money. I asked what the problem was, and they said that they couldn't tell me. I was sent to a supervisor (Gloria - Supervisor #348) and she said that while she could not explain why the $20 could not be approved, she also could not help me send the money.

MoneyGram gave me no problems and my sister got her money. Thanks, Wester Union, for introducing me to a company that actually WORKS!

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