Glens Falls, New York
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My friend needed money so I tried using Western Union online since it was the middle of the night. I fill out all the online forms and inserted my personal info and the page freezes!

after about twenty minutes of that *** I finally get to the end of the process to find out I need to call a phone number to verify who I am so I call the number given and because my phone number was not in my name they denied my money transfer of $100 and suggested go to a local agent store. So even though they denied my money transfer they still charged my debit card $100 and another $17 for service fees WHEN I DIDN'T GET ANY SERVICE BECAUSE THEY DENIED IT!!! I went to the a Money Tree to use the 24 Hour Western Union and handed the lady my card and when she ran it for the $100 bucks it DECLINED. I was in shock because I new I had well over $2000 in my bank.

I called to check my account by phone and there was 18 authorizations for $1 then another for $100 and another for $17!! Because they (Western Union online) authorized my card 18 times for $1 with two additional charges my bank froze my account as a security procedure, when there is that much activity going on so fast they freeze your account. So now have I have to wait until the bank opens and get my account activated and then deal with Western Union to get my $100, $17 and $18 (dollar for each time they authorized) back which was next to impossible because when you get a hold of customer service THEY BARELY SPEAK ENGLISH! They're obviously from India and when you ask a question it takes them a minute or two for them to find their script to read to you for whatever question you asked them.

It was just horrible! Western Union will charge your card even after denying your transfer and then try to keep the "service fee" even though you got no service. The lady I spoke with to verify the "Sender" which was me when I was doing the online transfer said there was no action taken against my card and that was a big FAT lie. I suggest finding other means when you need to send money, Western Union is HORRIBLE and their Customer Service is insanely bad with broken english.

It got to the point where the customer service reps hung up on me twice because of the language barrier.

It's just absurd when some non American tells me I can't send my American money to another American person on American soil. Never again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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Your review was posted in 2010. In 2012, it sounds like they have added people in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, or somewhere in Central America.

The accents sounded Spanish-speaking to me.

They spoke better English, but they still lied to me too.


tea they have no customer service in the US anymore