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I got a money order to pay my rent .600$

I forgot it in my pocket ,I did my laundry and got destroyed .

I call ,reported to western union and ask to be send a form to request refund ,i pay 30$ + 20 for public notary + the original receipt this happen in march 21 2013, i call them several times to customer services ,they told me there is nothing on file ,,,bulsh...i call again many times i finally got a mail in jun21 2013,,saying that they can"t refund unless i send them more copies of money orders from the same agency with the same address jajajaj...i DID by certify mail now we are in 08/16/13 there is not answer ,,so i report it to business practices, the FTC wants to know. Use online complaint assistant or call 1877-382-4357

I REPORT THEM FOR 600$ ..they don't have nothing on file but got the 30$ from investigation on money order jajaja...what about the papers attached with the money order ????

good luck

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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