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It's been a week since I couldn't send money after talking to tens or customer representatives. Lately, as of Nov2014, Westen Union says that they cannot collect personal data, SSN, over the phone, while rejectin the transaction du tu ID type error C1857.

They recommend me to go to the grocery store, where the grocery lady among customers and griverues is asking me for the social security card. Nobody cares about state issue driver license. According to Western Union local offices are not supposed to collect SSN information for transaction under 1000$, however if they do so, is per grocery store requirement. Grocery stores claim that SSN data is required by WU system, while WU denies authorizing grocery stores collection of SSN data, on their behalf.

It seems WU does not want to accept liability for SSN collection, and delegates it to grocery store clerks. It is my understanding that WU procedures do not include training in handling sensitive SSN data to grocery store clerks. From the context of my latest interaction at VONs store, my SSN card could have been available to any number of additional people.

It just doesn't seem right when Western Union directs you to a grocery store clerk to collect your SSN data, if you need to do a transaction. But hey, the golden rule says "He who has the gold makes the rule".

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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