I had sent a western union from tops on niagara fall blv.in nf.ny.the recipiant could not pick up money with in the 90 day requirement,so i got a letter from western union it had a 800 number,i called it they told me to go to a wester union and have attendant ,in this case her name was nicole.nicole was extremly rude and told me while i was on speaker phone with western union employee on my cell,she say we dont and wont call western union to get me my refund ,buf they had no problem taken my money to send it! I asked to speak with manager,the whole time im on speaker with western union,the nice woman from w.u.say she could not believe how rude this tops lady was,and nicole tops emplpyee heard her say this so when she called manager she relayed what she say,so when mansger came to me,her name iswendy figerelli she grabbed my cell and say to western union woman ,we dont take calls we dont make calls and nrver will,and refused to speak with her or call 800 number on official western union letter,i never in my lfe been treated so poorly by a manager in my life! And for that matter they are represntitves of western union ,tops has lost my business for life and it wont stop here i will be persueing this matter further who does that woman think she is talking to paying costomets in that fascion

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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