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I sent $200 US to the Philippines to help a school in one of the poor promises there. The person that I sent the money to never picked it up but I was still charged in my bank account.

I contacted Western Union customer support and they told me to have the individual that was supposed to pick up the money call them from one of their agent locations. The person that was supposed to pick up the money in the Philippines went to the ages location called customer support and they told them that the money has already been picked up by them. I then called Western Union back and they told me that they would launch investigation. At the same time I contacted our state banking oversee office and they in turn launched a investigation as well.

Western Union told me that the money had been picked up again, but they would not tell me which location it was picked up at. But regardless, they would not reimburse me for my loss. On my next visit to the Philippines I went to the agent where the money was supposed to be have been picked up, since it's a very small island. The agent told me that this is happened several times where the agent at different locations have actually falsified documents and have stolen money.

I then contacted Western Union again and they told me the same thing they told me the first time, the money has already been picked up. This in fact is a truth but it had been picked up by a criminal and not the intended person. Western Union is a very large company and really the only way to get their attention is if we can all been together and file a class action lawsuit against them or if you hold their stock sell it and if you are a broker or if you were in the financial sector recommend for your clients not to purchase their western union stock.

This company at one time was a great company is I have use them for many years but is only been in recent years that their security measures as well as many other companies have fallen apart. The thing that disturbs me the most about the situation is just their apathetic attitude and that they feel they are not responsible for any loss.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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