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So i usually don't complain about any businesses whether the service is *** or not but this time i think Westen Union got people fuqed up....ive been on maternity leaf since i moved out to Florida and my husband has been assisting me with my bills by sending the money through western union as it has been proven to be more convenient since i moved out here. I've been late on my rent on this month as life is life and people do go through hard times we're all human.

So my husband was not able to send me the full amount of the rent all at once but definitely promised he would have it all in by the end of the day. Mind u my rent is $1475 so he send $700 in the morning so i can work something out with the landlord before recieving the rest. Then he sent $900 later in the evening as promised. WESTERN UNION without any proper fuqin reason than being nosey block the money and stated that the reciever needed to call in order for the money to be released.

So my husband did just that only to be criminalize with *** questions. "How do u know the reciever"? "How long have u and your wife been together? "When last have you seen your wife?" "Do you live with your wife and if not how do you spend time together"?

I'm trying to understand first of all what is alot of money when half the fuqin economy is shattered and your wage can't match the cost of living cause everything then keeps going up.Then when you're busting yah *** to do a 9-5 the same services that's supposed to help with convience to make life a lil easier persecute you as a criminal for helping each other out. These questions were so fuqin inappropriate, idk which one was worst the company as a whole or the person behind the phone that didn't see nothing wrong with asking another human being their business with the perception to feel lower than what their going through just to offer their service.

All these systems that think u have so much power over another human beings life....you're all gonna crash systematically cause only love can save this world. Peace Love and Light!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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