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I have used Western Union for several years without any problems. I have used them enough for them to send me a Gold Western Union card.

Today I experiences VERY poor customer service and inept responses. I short, WU said that they could NOT verify phone numbers I gave them. The phone numbers were to verify who I was. I gave them two (2) numbers I have been using for the last 8 years AND are listed on my online profile.

Joan (#685) said their third party system could not verify the two numbers.

When I responded that the numbers provided were the same online numbers she ended the call. Time to use another wire transfer company and short WU stock!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

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An update. I spoke with a senior CSR who stated she would correct my profile and correct their incorrect telephone data.

However, she could not verify that the correction had been made until I made ANOTHER WU transfer.

She wasn't even willing to send an email to verify the correction!!What a waste of time, effort and energy!! :(


I called western union to transfer money over the phone because a family member needed my help so I drop everything I was doing to rush to thier aid. Western union took all my information about me and my bank and at the last step another guy came on the phone and said a third party could not verify my phone number so they decline the transfer and put the money I wanted to use on hold for three days. :(


I had the same experience twice in a three day span. I have been attempting to send my sister money on-line and I called to complete the transaction and I gave them all of the four numbers that I have had over the last 10 years and they failed to verify my identity..

I then enter my information in Google and sure enough the first number that appears is the first number I gave them.

They need to use a Third Party Verification system. I am with you they will not get another dollar from me….