Western Union paid approximately 19.000.00 USD to passport forgeries.

Why not pick up the

fundamental evil of all that I came beware of sending two money fraud

complaints to Western Union, in one case Western Union made 6 recipient

payments (Approximately 12.000,- €) to the same person based on passport

forgery that can be argued even without seeing the forgery passports and 7

payments to persons with a direction (street) that does not exist and with

that again the passports must have been forgery. In Germany Western Union

Customer Services already, even after 7 weeks refuse file numbers to that

and with that become guilty by law in hindering the punishment by law, the

International Customer Services Advocate hinder to name the Western Union

offices where the money had been paid so that a severe and consequent

immediate punishment by local authorities is not possible based on Western

Union's behaviour working the complaints up. This, of course, brings up

another question: Western Union/MoneyGram is the worldwide biggest

beneficiary of these frauds with millions of win. That means: approximately

80% of worldwide fraud cannot be realized without Western Union/MoneyGram.

So as consequence: which role does Western Union/MoneyGram play in the

Nigerian Connections at all??? Why do they hide the fraudsters and never

forget: Where ever had been fraud in a wide range, Western Union always was

not far away (drug money transfers etc.). So it also can be Western Union

initializing all these fakes doing payments as commission (maybe 10%) to the

fraudsters from the money that they achieve within their frauds. These

insinuations, of course, only are valid for the money transfers concerning

all these "Nigerian Scams" and so on, lotteries. Who ever follows up the

Western Union politics has to confirm that Western Union is breaking it's

own business bases concerning money transfers (two valid passports, sender

and recipient), reducing the recipient direction informations to name and

counntry and with that hindering the crime authorities for immediate

activities at the place where the fraud was made, minimizing it's own

responsabilities (the money is lost even on base of forgery passports -

illegal -) and minimizing up to zero the risk of the fraudsters treating the

money fraud complaints that way. Without any doubts these all are signs

that Western Union directly is involved in these fakes as origin

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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