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Today I was trying to send money to a friend of mine in Ukraine. This is not the first time I am sending money to her. I used website to process my transaction.

Firstly, I received a page on the website confirming my MTCN number, so I turned around and send email to my friend to let them know - the money was sent. Several minutes later I get an email from Western Union asking me to call them and to confirm that I have authorized this transactions. This is exactly what I do. I call them up answer all of their questions, and 5 more minutes later, they tell me that my transaction has been cancelled.

When I decided to inquire to the reasons why my transaction has been canceled, the operators (I called twice) Tane(Operator #716) and Debbie(Operator 585) had nothing to tell me. They only repeated that it has been cancelled and it was nice doing business with me.

This is ***, and I am pissed. My friend is already on the way to pickup the money, but I cannot even communicate with her, that Western Union has declined the transaction and does not want to tell me why.

Another important fact to add is that I have used Western Union before to send money to the same person. There were no issue in the past.

I am using this website to let everyone know about my bad experience with Western Union and warn other people NOT to use them. I will checkout MoneyGram and other money transferring services now.

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