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I am a landlord and I have 25 rentals in which 19 of them paid with western union money orders. I quit accepting western union because my wallet was stolen on my way to deposit all my tenets rent payments.

Western union gave me to options to place a stop pymt and get a replacement payment as they called refunds although I'm not the purchaser. Opt A mail $15 processing fee and completed form on each stolen MO or buy $15 western money orders and then I could fax the form and copy of the purchased WU MO for the $15 on each and they could electronically cash each processing fee and begin the stop payments sooner than via the mail. So I spent over $240 on WU $15 each money orders completed all the forms faxed it all over and was told to call bk and check for receipt via the faces a few days later. I did and was told they were received the day I faced them.

Then told it would take up to 30 days for them to issue refund. However within 30 days if they haven't had their bank issue a refund yet that the stolen MO are still cash able. Day 26 the thief found places to cash them all. My $240 on processing fees is non refundable and I will not be getting a on all stolen money orders either.

The police told me to request copies of the cashed MO so they can go around and collect the surveillance videos from each place they were cashed. So I call WU ask them to email copies to me they give me ref#s and tell me to check bk 24-48 hrs later. I call bk the ref #s all go to different money orders not mine. But they do show they mailed me copies and will take up to 14 days to arrive.

So they have put another request thru to email the copies to me as I requested b4.

And yet I have been given another ref # to check back in another 48 hrs on to see if they will email as I orig requested. In the mean time days pass by police can't check surveillance videos they may be recorded over by the time they get the stores info.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I had two mo stolen out of the mail. I was shocked when I called WU and told them.

They said basically we don't care, you'll have to fill out forms the one our landlord did. For some unknown reason wu likes to give thieves a 5 week head start. Why are we buying money orders?

It seems once they are lost or stolen the money is gone. Might as well send cash.