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Can not get refund been 6 months 2/6/15 since money order was stolen and u have proof that it was altered along with responsible persons drivers licenense this is my rent landlord been patient although a late fee of $35 per month being added on all i get are lies and promises from your phone reptesenatives what is the hold up you have the cashed mo with all information as to who cashed it bank and id of perpatrator its bad enough losing your rent but to add to the problem by a reputable financial institution is beyond fair business practice especially after 6 months not everyone has money to replace the funds that was entrusted to your company im sure there has to be a more practical way for a refund why is the bank of first deposit responsible when the mo was purchased from your company you refund the customers money than take all the time you need to deal with the bank still waiting

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Going through same thing this is ridiculous! I will never uss there service again.

Im mad *** *** and one pissed off customer. All the run arounds and hula hoops they put you through is bad business.

Im stressed the *** out sbout this have all proof n they still wanna be in denial. Smmfh im disgusted with Wu