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Reported stolen M/O. Was told M/O been cashed with no signature.

Filed all documents sent to me. Received a letter from the Forgery department stating process can take up to 7 months. Called Customer Service who always tells me the same excuse "call in 24 hours, will have more information then". The next 24 hours I received the exact same excuse.

Unhelpful, unknowledgeable customer service. I understand the up to seven month process, can any one give me an update.Upon asking to speak with a supervisor they always hang up on me.

Always! Corporate America, help your people!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

Monetary Loss: $795.

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Customer Service is the KEY here. No customer service no customers.

The all sound like their computers repeating the same lingo day after day.

Oh and Why does it sounds like they are not even in America. Great, thats why we dont have job in USA for our PEOPLE!


The only update you could possibly get is "We're still working on your request" A letter is sent to the bank every 30 days to ask for an update, it is when they send the refund or denial letter when western union is able to let you know anything about it.

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