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I sent money to my sister. I gave what the agent asked for when I sent it. I do not know why they needed my personal info as I was not asking for a loan or setting up a bank account with them. I paid for their service to wire MY MONEY to my sister, not to get the third degree.

When I my sister went to pick the money up, I had to call them again to verify my information. Why? The agent copied everything there at the store. They even asked where I was born! They also asked for my social security number! One would think it was their money!

I have had many loans on a car and my home. I even have a credit card. One loan was over $300,000. That company did not ask where I was born!

Now I worry if one of the agents will use my information to use for ID fraud. I put a freeze on my credit report and have protection now. If you are a victim of ID theft, start with Western Union! You'll more than likely find the person there.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Maybe you should consider making a complaint to the www.consumerfinance.gov, they are compiling information consumers are having with money transfers.

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