Western Union invades your privacy with all kinds of infuriating personal questions about the nature of the business transaction that you are trying to complete with the wire transfer.

Wasted over an hour trying to wrap up some urgent business, only to have my transfer declined for failing to answer their vry personal questions to their satisfaction. They asked "what is the money for?". I said, "a business transaction." They said, "what kind of buisness specifically". I said, "That's my business not your."

To make a very long and infuriating story short, it took over an hour to give them my money, answer their *** questions, and then to get my money back.

I went to MoneyGram, and closed the deal in less than ten minutes, no problems.

My advice: Avoid Western Union at all costs!

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I'm so infuriated with Western Union that I had to take a couple of minutes to vent in public forums. This is my first wire transfer with them, and my last if I may add. I was treated and questioned like a terrorist. I was sending $100 and felt like I was wiring $3 billion dollars to the Colombian Guerrilla. What a fiasco.

I can totally understand that companies need to have security measures in place to prevent fraud, but Western Union takes this concept to a whole new extreme level. It invades your privacy and denies you service for unfounded reasons.

The level of customer of service was mediocre in all the four calls I was forced to make to make sure my transaction was processed. The representatives spoke in intimidating and abrasive tones, making you feel as if you were stealing something from the company. I was denied the request because I didn't have a land line and they "thought" my work number was not verifiable. I happen to work for a government agency, how is this possible?

They also asked a lot of personal information not relevant to any verification process. How do I know if the person on the other side is going to protect my information?

But the interesting thing is that they deny your request AFTER they deduct the money from your account. Instead of doing the verification process in advance, they deduct the money as if they had the right to use it without giving you any kind of service in return. It takes days to get it back, so my question is, what are they doing with all this "unearned revenues"? Are they earning interest in this money?

I don't understand how they expect to earn their customers' trust and loyalty. I personnally will not use them again, ever. Even if I have to hand-deliver the money to Tijuana ... in a donkey!

I will certainly report this to my State Attorney's office. I'm very frustrated to see such a worthless company act with such ireverence and disregard toward its customers.


I totally agree. Your first clue that Western Union has abandonded US citizens is that you cannot find an English speaking person WITHOUT and accent, to which I keep replying:"WHAT?".

hen they have access to our credit reports. What are people in another country doing accessing our personal credit reports?


Well they have completely incompetent people staffing the phones. All they can do is read from a script and could not produce an original thought to save their lives! It is not that the people answering the phones are bad persons, but the COMPANY does not want to hassle with ordinary people's issues...so they bounce you around in the hope that you will go away!

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