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Western Union is suppose to record the ID information before someone picks up the money from the location. However these western union locations are in bed with these nigerian scammers and take a cut no wonder they never record the ID information of the person who picks up the money.

Instead to cover their *** they hide behind saying its privacy matters so we cannot disclose any information. Western Union makes it so easy for scammers to get money transferred for illegal activities and when you contact the company they don't give a *** because they have already got their share of the monies and don't want to stop making extra bucks even if it means working with terrorists to ruin people fallen to nigerian scams. These nigerians should be painfully tortured until they seek mercy and find none. No legal help is provided, no agency helps.

Furthermore the nigerian commission never picks up the phone in Nigeria and have false email displayed on their website. Why would Nigerian government stop these scammers when they are getting big cut out of it?

FBI and every agency tells you to report to them but that is Nigerian government - the kings of thieves. So, if you have fallen to nigerian scammers, there is no help and if you do know how to get help, please be sure to leave the message.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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I agree with the previous comment. I work for MM which is an agent of western union.

If you're sending money to Nigeria, that's your decision.

Western Union is trying to prevent scams, it's not their fault you fell for one. To be honest though, I've seen alot of people fall for scams, and lose a lot of money, they can also recognize that it's not W/U's fault and call it a loss.

@MM Employee

So, it gives you and WU a right not to follow the proper procedure of documenting properly and document the signature and ID of the person who receives the money? Now, that's what I call *** and passing a buck.

Do your freakin job and let the customers do theirs.

How dare you say that it is customer fault. I really hope, pray and wish you and your loved one looses lot more than lot of people have and then come talk.


First of all, I'm just a customer service person at a grocery store. I do WUs and a truckload of other things as a part of my day-to-day work.

I'm just here to say that it is YOUR JOB, as the customer, to show a little bit of intelligence and do a little research before you wire $25,000 across the world to someone you met online.

There are a ton of international transfers every week, many of them from regular customers: a Mexican guy sends $500 to his family twice a month, a Vietnamese immigrant wires $2500 to China every week (he's not friendly or conversant enough to ask why), a church supporting a missionary in Ghana sends him some cash every now and then...etc., etc. We record what WU asks us to - for international transfers, that means several pieces of ID if it's a large enough amount. We send it, the agreed-upon person picks it up, and it's out of our hands. The money's been picked up. WU has done its job - have you?

If someone I'd never seen before came up to the counter and said they wanted to wire $5000 to the King of Nigeria stat, I'd advise them against it - but in the end if they insisted, I'd have to put the transation through.

I'm sorry you lost so much money, but you should have been smarter...I'd personally never use WU to wire that much money or make any kind of large payment - there are safer ways to do that, and legitimate businesses can work with those.

The long and short of it is that WU is easy and convenient for people to use - and that includes criminals. Be careful.