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1. Write your case to Western Union Advocates but do not let you fake there and request a

confirmation of having received your E-Mail. In each case do not accuse fraudsters but Western

Union itself because of money embezzlement as all names and adresses of fraudsters are fakes.

2. File a complaint to bbb.org (Better business bureau)

3. File a complaint to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

They will work for you. Additionally here is a link to a Court Decision against MoneyGram but it shows that the same must be existing against Western Union. Always stay to the point that it is n o t the fraudster who is accused but always Western Union because of Money Embezzlement. And here is the link:http://www.scribd.com/doc/21413451/MoneyGram-FTC-Complaint. This shows that Western Union is obligated to prove the passports correctly. So do not be worried that they always will try to bring you to the point again "only to send money to people that you know personally". That is fake! The main and only obligation from Western Union is the provement of the receiver's passport. This is the only point by law to do the business of Money Transfer at all! And if Western Union cannot realize that they cannot do the business of Money Transfer !!! So it is possible that Western Union is doing a business here with the Money Transfer ignoring of law and Court decisions. And that is your chance to receive your money back. Western Union has enough, the fraudsters not.

Monetary Loss: $19000.

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