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I sent money to mom like I have been doing for two years, I received my confirmation and left the store just to get a call from someone pretending to be from Western bbbbla bla with the thickest accent, sounds like an Indian accent, he wants my MTN numbers, I asked him to identify himself and he failed to do so, the caller ID did not show WU so I thought he was a scammer and asked him to "Go learn some english and call back, or have someone fluent in the language call me back" The bestrode turned out to be from W.U Gestapo Operation called "security department" and he declined my transaction. I called their 800 a day later, their voicemail recognized my number and told me that funds were available, I pressed 0 and was connected to a Vietnamese lady who told me that they declined my transaction and they cannot divulge why because of security bla bla.

I tried to tell her that this is routine transaction under $300 and was doing it for three year or more.

I was getting nowhere with her and when I asked to speak to manager she put me on hold for ever. This is a new tactic to park callers on hold until they give up.

Here is my advise to W.U: You pretend to be a good US corporation, so be patriotic and hire US staff for your call center, don't treat your repeat clients as thieves and when you use Indian call centers, make sure they can understand and comprehend English.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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