State College, Pennsylvania
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"They have ruined my Christmas."

My sister was sending me money for Christmas that I was going to use to pay a doctor's bill. She used a credit card to do this.

When I am finally able to get a ride to the store to pick it up I am told that she had to call and validate the information. She calls and they tell her they canceled it for security purposes. I call them and asked why they don't validate the information before the person goes to get the money. The first guy I talk to Ignores my question.

I demand a supervisor and when I finally get one he tells me that it's protocol. No one is able to explain to me the logic behind it. Every other thing the guy said is I am sorry for the inconvenience even though after the third or fourth time he said that I told him to stop.I just got word from my sister that the information they needed to validate was her SSN and Dob which as far as she knows has never changed but still wouldn't work. Now they won't give the money back until the 23rd even though it only took 30 seconds to take the money.

How are they legally able to take money from an account that isn't validated? I think this whole thing is crazy and their customer service sucks. Not a single person there is easy to understand due to thick accents. Both me and my sister talked to a total of 6 different people between the two of us and all of them are Indian.

The dots not feathers. I have nothing against any race of people but believe that if you are working customer service the customer should be able to understand you fully. To top this off when I asked for someone I could file a complaint with they only gave me a mailing address and not the website information. These people are shady and I have never been so hurt by a company's stupidity before.

I will never use this "service" again. So now not only do I not have $50 I am also out the gas money to go to the store.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Western Union requires VALID photo ID to payout a money transfer, there is no way around it. The system requires it.

Money mart is an AGENT of Western Union, we abide by their rules to use their service. Blaming the Money Mart employee when you can't provide valid ID will not change anything, we're just doing our job.


western union and money mart ruined my christmas sent 200. dollars to my son he lost his wallet so I sent it to his girlfriend The agent on his end said her id was out of date .

never again . hope that agent gets a good dose for xmass.