1671 Bedford av, Brooklyn, needs to train their agents!! So not the first time they were rude to me but it will definitely be the last because I will not be going back there.

I went there, and THREE agents are behind the glass casually having a conversation about some '***' that they can't stand. I give the girl my information, she takes it, and hands it to another one entering in the system. Someone was before me, so I stood in line waiting, all the while hearing their very hateful conversation. After a while the man shifts, and I'm left standing there and the girl starts looking at me expectantly.

I'm like, where is my receipt? Turns out, she lost the paper with my information, so I had to write it all over again. I'm pissed, because I'd been waiting long, so I say, You guys need to stop talking so much and do your job better. The first girl spins around, What did you say?!!

She basically screams. I did not repeat myself because I just needed my transaction done so I could be out of there. When she heard no answer, she's like, OH!! I finally finish, and walk out of there.

I'm not begging for this service, I'm paying for it!! Why should I be made to feel any different?? SMh!!

Like I said, it wasn't the first time, which is why I was super mad. I sure wish I knew her name so I could file a complaint against her.

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