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I was humiliated and harass every time I send money to my poor relative. western union make me stand on line every time for a very long time asking me crazy question about where I was born, and to produce my ID card and pass port all the time.

the crazy thing is I was only sending $20. I have been a faithful western union customer for over 20 years. and now western union is treating me like a criminal. I would like western union to stop harassing me other wise I will stop doing business with them.

western union at times ask question like what kind of entity am I sending money to?

who does that? that is so unprofessional.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Reason of review: harassment and humiliation.

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Western Union did the same to me and my boyfriend. We send money to my niece in the Philippines cause her light was been turned off and she has kids.

I called them and they said all my niece needed was Id... I told her that and she went to the western union place and still having trouble.Western Union needs to get things straightened up soon.

Now because they didnt let her get the money her kids are suffering and have no lights . Thanks Western Union for NOTHING


I also agree. These questions are a form of harassment by western union.

They have a monopoly on the money transfer system. If I could use someone else I would. They told me someone might be impersonating my son and I might be scammed. Do I not know my son’s voice?

They also won’t turn up the volume for me to hear them. They keep asking if. Am on speaker phone.

I am not. I have hearing loss and a hearing aid.


I agree, I just sent money to family with Western Union and was interrogated. I assured them that it was family and I wasn't being scammed and they still asked too many personal questions then had me call and answer questions to someone on the phone for 20 min.

before they would release the money. I was the one sending cash to family. Then when they went to pick it up they were put through the same treatment.

I will never use Western Union again. There has to be a better way to treat people.